Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Children's Christmas Gift

I walked in threw the front door and to my delight I am greeted with a subtle pine smell.  My first sight is the tree that stands in my living room corner.  It is completely decorated with a collection of ornaments gathered throughout the years.  Each one has a special story, a meaning or memory attached to it.  With the flick of a switch I turn on the lights and an array of color fills the room.  All of a sudden I am taken back to Christmas past and random memories fill my head.  I know what I want to give my children for Christmas. 

I want them to enjoy the moment and be thankful for the people around them.  There is no need for them to be disappointed with the absence of family.  I want them to know that family is more then bonds of blood but should include the bonds of friendship and love.  I want them to see that distance is only an obstacle and  that it cannot hinder the true bonds of the relationships we hold dear.  But most of all I want them to know that it is the work we do all year long to build these bonds that is important and the Holiday is an opportunity to celebrate these bonds.  Threw this celebration we will create memories that will fill our hearts with happiness, love and prosperity.  This is the gift I want to give my children.

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  1. a lovely holiday reminder to all of us to treasure what we ho,d so dear.

    love you!